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More pictures of the house      Monday, June 7, 2010 - 9:10 PM
Signed the loan documents this afternoon.  Within about 8 days we should have the final approval on the loan and then we just need to wait for the OK from the sellers bank on the short sale and we are ready to go!  EXCITED!!!

Some more pictures ....

Front door has a nice little patio for sitting outside.

Tile feature on the floor when you open the front door.

The dining room.

Family room windows look out to the Koi Pond.

View of the kitchen from the breakfast nook.

Master bathroom tub ... Calgon ... you know what to do!

One of the bedrooms ... blue with fun painted decorations
Maybe for John?

John enjoying the view from the second floor.

The library/office/music room ... LOL
Green carpet and red painting, what were they thinking??
More pictures of that room from different sides/angles


Backyard looking right from the back door.

The area on the side of the house we are affectionately calling the "zen area".
Interesting tiles and shade trellis right next to the Koi pond.

Fountain/water going into the Koi pond.

Pièce de résistance ... a heavy bag in the garage!

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