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First peak at the new house      Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 5:28 PM

This is from the front/right side of the house.

This is from the front/left side of the house, we are loving that tree!

Koi pond on the side of the house, complete with white Koi swimming around in there!

Part of the back yard, lots of grass for John to run and play ... and his new puppy coming shortly!

View of the front door and steps from the living room.

View of steps and parts of the dining and living room from the second floor.

View of part of the family room leading out to the back yard and part of the kitchen.  Of course John gravitates to the most dangerous thing in the room!  LOL

Opened escrow today, working out the loan tomorrow.  We are so excited!  Can't wait to call this place home.  Crossing fingers everything will go smoothly and quickly!

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