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Gratitude      Sunday, February 21, 2010 - 12:28 AM
Someone (lots of them), somewhere right now is suffering.  They are suffering everything from a hangnail to deadly parasite to plain ol' excruciating pain of some sort or another.  I am so lucky for everyday I wake up surrounded by my family, relatively pain free and able to set forth and accomplish whatever I want.

I used to always say "SMILE, You could be dead right now!"

Sounds morbid but it always kept me mindful that life changes so quickly and you never know what the next moment will bring.  Someone right this moment has actually died.  Imagine this was your moment.  What will you feel about your life?  What would really be important to you in the moment?  Not much really, especially not all the trivial and dramatic stuff most people fill their minds and time with.  This saying brought passion and gratitude to my life.  I will have to start reminding myself to say it again … and again.

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