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New Arrival      Thursday, January 29, 2009 - 1:23 PM

John Sergent Daulton

Born: January 29, 2009
7lbs 9oz - 20.5

We are so happy to finally meet him face to face!

Shortly after arriving he had to go back to the hospital due to high bilirubin levels (jaundice).  Turns out his blood type is A+ and mine is O-.  Given the different types and different RH factors, my blood created antibodies against him, thinking he was a foreign body.  They were floating around in his body killing his red blood cells, when his red blood cells burst they create bilirubin which his liver was not yet able to deal with.  The excess was depositing in his fatty tissues and turning him yellow.  His levels were so high he was very close to needing a blood transfusion.  So he went back to the hospital for 2 days for intensive triple photo therapy or "bili lights".  They did the trick and no transfusion was necessary.


It is hard to believe he is two months old tomorrow.  Good news is I am finally beginning to adjust to the schedule.  I will be working on his own website and hope to have it up and running in the next couple weeks.  All his pictures, videos and updates will be posted there.  The following pictures were taken today.  Little man is already getting so big!

Here he is crashed out with dad ...

Much love to all of you.

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