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Ultrasound: 12-11-08      Thursday, December 11, 2008 - 7:47 PM
At my last regular appointment my doctor told me my fundus is measuring to big.  She said that normally you should be within 2 cm of your week - i.e. in your 20th week you should be between 18-22cm.  At the time of the measurement I was just after the beginning of my 29th week and was measuring 34 cm.  So, she wanted me to have another ultrasound to make sure everything was OK.  It could be there is just too much amniotic fluid around him or it could be because he is upside down already or he could just be a very big boy.  Well I had the ultrasound today and good news !!! He a big boy !!!  The amount of fluid around him is fine.  Nothing looks out of place or wrong, he is just really, really big.  She said the normal percentile would be 50 right now and he is at 80.  That sentence did not make much sense to me but one thing I can understand is pounds and he is up to 4 lb 2 oz!  He has a lot of time left to get bigger.  Man, I think this kid is going to rip me in half.  I hope that wasn't too graphic!  I got more pictures and this time she attempted to get a couple 3d ones, although they didn't really turn out.  She said that either he or she kept moving at the last moment, which distorts and cuts the image - so they look kind of funny but here are the new ones.

HAIR!  She said he has a lot of hair - the fuzzy white patches around the round head/skull are his hair.

New face shots - they are getting so much clearer!!!

Profile.  It is official; he definitely has Ash's forehead and chin!


The 3d shots, a little smooched but it is neat to see his chubby cheeks and that yet another feature matching Ash's - His lips.  The top line of his lip in this picture matches Ash's exactly.  I was trying to fudge it and pretend it is close to mine but there is no denying it.
Cropped shot of Ash's lips: 

I am now going to be seeing the doctor for the regular check in every two weeks.  We are getting close now.

I have been working pretty hard and trying to get my stuff together for Christmas.  I hope all of you are doing well and are healthy.

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