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Ultrasound: The Big One!      Friday, September 19, 2008 - 8:57 PM
The ultrasound went well.  HE looks very healthy and developing normally.  HIS heartbeat is 142 bpm and all the organs we looked at are good.  It is so cool to know now we will soon have a son.  We are truly blessed!  Ash is so happy, it is hard for even him to contain his excitement.  The poor kid is not even born yet and his mother is already putting pictures of his private business on the internet! lol
There is another picture of his business that shows his bladder behind his wee wee.  This picture I believe is looking up from underneath past his rump.  The pictures this time were not as good as last time.  I really loved the picture last time of him sucking his thumb, I look at that one a lot.
Here are some of the new ones:


More face forward "alien" shots.

A silhouette profile shot.


He is crossing his ankles - the two large knobs are his kneecaps.


As she (the ultrasound tech) pushed down on my belly with the device he kept pushing back up at it.  There were so many moments we saw on the screen that would have made great pictures but few were actually captured.  It is too bad they don't video it as we see it, I will ask about it next time.  We will have another ultrasound in about a month to further check on how his heart is doing but everything looks great so far.  My belly is ever expanding and although my overall weight is sill less than where I started I am gaining about a pound every one to two weeks which seems pretty normal.  I get some pretty intense headaches but overall I feel so much better.  The belly is getting in the way when I do things like tie my shoes or bend over to pick something up but it is nice to see.

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