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Another Ultrasound      Thursday, August 7, 2008 - 9:06 PM

The lady who did the test said everything looked really good.  The baby seems very healthy and growing big 2 1/2 inches now, crown to rump.  WOW only 2 1/2, that seems crazy!  They will have to examine the ultrasound more but she thinks everything looks great.  They took more blood for other tests and I have a follow up a week from Tuesday to go over the results.   The little one was sucking it's thumb a lot during the screening.  It was so cute.  He/She also kept jumping straight up like it was playing on some kind of trampoline, it was a strange sight.  It was a different type of ultrasound so I don't think the pictures came out as good but it is still awesome to get to see the baby getting bigger and the development of more of it's skeletal structure.

Hope you enjoy and are able to make out the images:


I was supposed to have this ultrasound, the one to test for different birth defects tomorrow.  This afternoon I got a call from the doctor's office wanting to know why I missed my appointment yesterday.  It turns out that the girl who scheduled my appointment did it for Wednesday but wrote Friday on my paper.  That particular ultrasound test has a time limit and I had only about a week to reschedule but the only lady who does it doesn't work tomorrow or for the next week.  I was actually pretty upset about it.  I seemed to have run in to so much incompetence in the medical field here in Vegas,  I don't doubt it is pretty universal.  Even in offices that I like with staff that I find kind and professional there are still so many mistakes, which in this case were pretty important when it means a critical screening can be missed because of a data entry error.  Another one done by this office (the same day) is now I am having to go back and correct all the billing because they did not attach my insurance info to my appointments, even though my previous first couple appointments they had billed the insurance properly and only charged me the co-pay but now my more recent appointments and tests they have been billing me in full for everything, which is all expensive but thankfully covered by the insurance even though they seem to have a problem sending the bill over to them!  Either way, I got a hold of a very nice lady who did her best to get this solved for me and she managed to have them squeeze me in within hours of our phone conversation so the test was not missed.


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