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We're Pregnant!!!      Sunday, August 3, 2008 - 4:33 PM

We are so super excited about the expected arrival of our first child!  His/Her due date is February 14th 2009.  As of this weekend I am officially in the second trimester.  Next week we will get another ultrasound and hopefully like the first one we had they will send us home with a clean bill of health and a couple pictures!  The first ultrasound showed our little one looking more like a gummy bear than a baby but it was so awesome.  It's little heart was beating 170 bpm and the sound of it was incredible intense.

I bought some "we're expecting" postcards to send out to all the family and friends but after telling the immediately family it seems as though the word is spreading faster than I can fill the things out and get them sent.  I will make sure to keep all updates posted in a timely manner so all those that check in here at the site will have the skinny on everything that is happening along the way.

I think we have decided so far that if it is a boy he will be named John Sergent Daulton after my father and Ash's grandfather.  If it is a girl she will be named Shelby Ann Daulton for my father's parents and following a tradition in his family of each girl having the middle name Ann - which is my middle name and the First name of my mother's mother.  So lots of family history either way, I like it.

So far this trimester has been a lot of sickness, nausea and sleep.  Some days I have slept as much as 15-16 hours; it is crazy!  For about a week now my nausea has subsided and I am feeling much better.  My skin seems to think I am going through puberty and is responding with tons of oil and pimples!  This must be why they say you "glow" - it is because your skin is so oily.  Yuk!  I haven't gained any weight, in fact I actually lost 6lbs.  I am healthy and doing well though and expect the added pounds any day now.

I have had to stop going to Hap Ki Do class, which I am really sad about.  I had just received my red belt, which only put two more belts between me and the black one!  I was going for a couple weeks without really participating in the areas that might hurt the baby but I felt so useless after awhile I just decided to save the money and stop going until after the little one is born.  Ash gets his chance now to seriously out-rank me - lol.

Much Love to Everyone!  I will post the new ultrasound pictures on Friday!

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