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The post surgery experience!      Monday, December 3, 2007 - 6:57 PM
The surgery is done!  Hallelujah!  I was pretty bad the first couple days.  After they started my IV with just regular fluids they walked me in to the operating room and laid me on the table which had my arms spread straight out like I was on a cross.  That was kinda weird but before I could even look around the room I must have been put under cause I don't remember anything after lying down.  The last time I was "put under" I remember the doctor administering the medicine and then he asked me to count down from 10.  There was none of that - just out like a light.  I woke vaguely to myself throwing up on my chest.  Some nurse was shouting "She's throwing up" then I was out again.  Next I vaguely remember the nurse putting my pants on me and I lifted my butt up so she could get them on but I must have done it a little more exaggerated then she expected because I remember her saying "Whoa, lay yourself back down" then I was out again.  Next I remember seeing Ash sitting in a chair looking at me - the nurse was saying something about my husband being here to get me.  He looked so worried; I must have looked pretty bad.  Then I remember the nurse and Ash walking me out the back hallway & door as the nurse told me I could keep the little slipper socks I had on that the LVSC gave me.  I don't remember much of the ride home - I heard Ash talking to Mom I think and telling her they had given me a sedative because I got sick.  They told him I woke up from a dead sleep and started throwing up.  That goes along with what I remember.  Next thing I knew I at home lying down on my bed and pretty much stayed there for the next five-six days.  I barely ate anything.  I was so dizzy everything made me sick.  I had only one sleeping position that didn't make me dizzy and it was beginning to hurt me body to continue lying in that position.  I still can only sleep that way but I am getting much better now.  As long as my ear doesn’t point down toward the ground at all or my head doesn’t go back I am o.k. Both of those things along with burping or looking out my peripheral vision will send my world spinning.  It is crazy.  I can't really lie on my back to sleep yet.  I keep trying but the spins make it hard.  I took half of one of their painkillers on the first day and it only added to my dizziness/sickness so I didn't take any more pain medication.  I AM SO GRATEFUL IT IS DONE.  I am well on my way to healing.  I will finish up the antibiotic tonight and my follow-up appointment is scheduled for next Tuesday at 8:20am.  I have a stitch still in my right hand were they took a vein to help graph the prosthetic piece in my ear.  It looks funny but again I am so fortunate that I was even able to have them fix this problem.  To think by Christmas the hearing will be restored in my ear is a medical marvel.  This is so awesome!  Ash got me cable for Christmas and had it hooked up last week right after my surgery so I would have it here while I healed.  Thank you Baby!  I love my cable and this new fangled DVR stuff is awesome.  I set my shows to record and I get to watch them whenever I want, fast-forwarding through all commercials.  Plus all the movies available now!  I LOVE IT - I LOVE IT - I LOVE IT!  It 's bad to love a sedentary activity such as watching movies so much but I do.  I could watch one film after another all day if aloud.  In my lifetime I plan to try my best to see every movie ever made - which I know is impossible but I will keep at it! LOL

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