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Surgery is tomorrow!      Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 6:02 PM
OK - my surgery date is finally here.  Tomorrow morning at 6am I am supposed to arrive at the Las Vegas Surgery Center.  I pre-registered yesterday, when I was there they were explaining to me that they were not sure how much to charge me because my insurance is not accepted at their facility but that they were going to use the PPO portion of the insurance so a certain percentage would be covered they just had to figure it out so they knew which percentage to charge me.  I though OH NO! Not again - this is crazy.  They figured out that I did have the HMO approval and only charged me the $75 fee that was actually less than I was expecting.  I already paid my doctors fee months ago when the first surgery was scheduled.  What a mess.  I also went to Quest Labs yesterday to take my pregnancy blood test.  Today I did my online background medical questionnaire and all should be a go for the morning.  I am so nervous. 
I have gotten really nervous each time right before it was supposed to happen - at least this time I truly know it is going to happen!  Wish me luck!

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