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Kailey Murdock's Christening      Friday, November 23, 2007 - 11:45 PM
We all headed up to St. George for the Christening.  Michelle, Brent, Matthew & Emily rode in one car and Mom, Alex & I in another.  It was a nice trip up.  Alex played his Nintendo DS most the way and Mom and I talked a bit.  We were running behind and arrive about 15 minutes late but thankfully the church was running behind as well and so we did not miss the beginning of the ceremony.  Misty and Curtis seemed really proud and everyone looked on as Kailey was anointed.  It was beautiful.  I was glad I was able to take the day off to make the trip.


We all went to Tim & Penelope's house afterwards for a buffet.  Their house was so awesome.  Truly a picturesque piece of property that reminded me of a mixture of Italy/Sante Fe.  I love how the some of the Italians live with the different buildings spread throughout their property, almost as if there home was a small village.  This reminded me of that.  The home itself as well as artwork and such inside were all very comfy.  I listened mostly to conversations happening around me, as much as I could.  I can't wait for the surgery.  I didn't hear until right before leaving that one of the girls there was Amber.  I had not realized the whole time I was listening to her that it was in fact her.  She has grown up so much I didn't recognize her at all.  She has a nice husband and a cute kid.  It was a very nice evening all around.  We headed back a little late; Mom was very tired so I drove back for part of the way.

Congratulations Misty & Curtis!
Kailey is awesome!

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