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Trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming      Tuesday, November 13, 2007 - 6:44 PM
We got back in town yesterday.  THANK YOU SANDIE FOR WATCHING OUT OVER OUR WILD KINGDOM!  We had a great time with Ray & Loretta.  The first day we spent mostly sticking close to the house.  Aaron came by after a long day at his new job to visit with us and go out to eat.  That was really kind of him to make time for us when we found out is schedule has been pretty full with this new job.  Later that evening we finally got to meet Aaron's girlfriend April.  She seemed really cool.  I really enjoyed spending time with the Bensons.  They are really good people.


Saturday we got to go to Sam's play at school about Jack the Ripper.  He was Jack.  Very cool.  He did a fantastic job.  I was so surprised to find out it was his first.  Following this link by clicking on the word VIDEO to see part of his final scene in the play.  That guy is so talented at so many things as well as being just an awesome person.  You can tell even without spending that much time with him.  He just exudes the qualities of a genuinely decent human being.  Aaron and Sam are both outstanding people.  Their parents must be really proud.  Sam came back to the Benson's after his play's wrap party and played dominoes with us.  We all had a really good time.

Sunday I got to go to church with Loretta while the guys hung back at the house.  It was really nice to see where she goes to church and observe the service which they intermixed the theme of Veteran's Day. Thank you to the First Baptist Church and all of their members for making me feel so welcome.  We went for a short visit to Ash's mom's gravesite before returning home to the guys.  Later that day we all went back to the church where the Wyoming Chamber Choir was performing.  They were lovely! What a great day.  Thanks again Ray & Loretta!  I am so grateful to know you both.

We made a trip over to the Wyoming National History Museum.  We only really got to walk around for a little bit.  We all neglected to notice they closed early on that day but I look forward to going back on our next visit to finish the tour.  So much history from dinosaurs to oil to jade to everyday products you find in your house all comes from things found in Wyoming.  It was fascinating.  Ray made us the most delicious steaks.  I usually will never eat meat that’s too red or bloody but as Ray stated there is only one way he will make them and I now see why.  They were tasty!  Loretta made some Spaghetti Squash that was so delicious I actually made a second trip to the kitchen for more.  I couldn't help it.  It was so buttery and sweet I fell in love with squash that day.  It was the first time I had ever tried it.  Wonderful!  I do believe I will have to make some for my family on Thanksgiving.  I scored her recipe! 


We had a good flight back.  The airport there is so tiny.  We actually got off the plane on the tarmac after arriving and picked up our luggage outdoors.  The inside looked to be about the size of 3 bedrooms put together.  WOW.  We get so jaded living in Vegas with it's grandeur.  I really like Wyoming but it is nice to be home and see all my babies (the cats)!  They have been attached at our hips ever since we got back you can tell they might be afraid we are going to leave again.  We have done a lot of traveling in the past couple weeks.

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