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Trip to Deer Springs Ranch in Utah!      Wednesday, November 7, 2007 - 5:56 PM
We just got back in town from spending the Sunday thru Tuesday at the Deer Springs ranch.  The drive up was done early on Sunday and was a nice trip.  I slept most the way (sorry honey!).  We got into Utah and found the cabin empty but they soon returned.  We took the chainsaws up to Mom and Dad's Property to cut up the giant tree Dad and Ash cut down last time we were up.  We have quite the firewood pile started!

Monday Dad, Ash, Michelle, Alex and I went out to go shooting.  We got to shoot a Steyr HS .50 Sniper Rifle Dad had borrowed from a buddy at work.  It was insanely awesome!  It was truly was an once-in-a-lifetime experience.  The bullets were $5 a piece! Ouch.  It was so worth it.  If you following the link by clicking on the word VIDEO it will take you to my You Tube Page that contains the video of us shooting it.  Until I am able to figure out embedding the videos in the blog I will have to just link to them.  We shot all kinds of guns as usually.  I got to shoot Dads FiveseveN again.  Wow, I like that gun so much.  I got to shoot Ash's Marlin 2000L Rifle for the first time.  Alex really took to it and enjoyed shooting it over and over again!  He was doing really well with it and I secretly think the bolt action is one reason he really dug it aside from his good aim with it.  Michelle was with us for the first time for one of our shooting outings and she had a ball.  We enjoyed having her around.

We hung out the next day for breakfast and then Dad & Mom took us to the top of the pink cliffs of Bryce Canyon National Park from a back road off of Deer Springs Ranch Property.  It was awe-inspiring.  Giant pink spires with the green forest far down below.  We almost lost Kona down the mountain.  It was so incredible terrifying.  She was at the top and then just leaped off as though she might be chasing something.  At first she had her footing as she bounded down the steep mountainside and pretty soon she lost her footing and begun sliding down.  Rocks and dust were falling down following her path and for a moment I was positive we lost her.  She was out of sight and Dad, Ash & I had to look at each other for a moment before Dad seemed that he was going to try to find a route down himself to recover her, dead or alive.  Just then she came bounding up the side.  Something must have stopped her.  I bet she ran into a tree or large boulder or something that stopped the sliding and then she was able to find a path back up.  Her foot was a little bloody but seemed no worse for the wear.  It is a new rule that dogs are on leases on top of the cliffs.  Last time they almost lost Stitch.  What a relief she was OK!


We returned to the cabin, had lunch and then headed back to Vegas.  This time I tried to stay awake for most of the trip but still managed to doze off for a little while.  I spent so many days traveling and sleeping to pass the time/wait until the next destination that it is just ingrained in me now to nod off as soon as wheels begin to roll.  So we are back for today and tomorrow and then Friday morning we head out to Grandma & Grandpa Benson's house in Wyoming.  I have been looking forward to this trip.  Thanks again Mom for the Buddy Passes!  It makes traveling and spending time with all the family a lot easier on our pocket books!


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