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Surgery Info      Monday, October 29, 2007 - 4:53 PM
They have rescheduled my surgery (take 3) for November 28th.  They were going to do it on the 9th but after all this canceling and rescheduling and messing with my time I figure I am not canceling my trip to the Benson Grandparents house for their schedule they can work around me.  I told them I would be out of town and the pushed it to the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.  I guess I raised such a ruckus that they had my insurance company approve a facility they don't normally use so that we could get it done and over with.  The Las Vegas Surgery Center.  Later today they told me the equipment was fixed at Summerlin.  When I suggested that we should just use the hospital that they are used to being at instead of the LVSC they retracted the statement and said well the equipment is still missing a few parts.  What!?!  They people are stupid.  I feel almost stupid myself for allowing them to perform the operation on me.  If something goes wrong I have only myself to blame.  There have been plenty of warning signs / red flags as to their incompetence. 

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