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Emily's Baptism      Sunday, October 28, 2007 - 9:36 PM
We went to Emily's baptism today.  She looked so adorable.  Michelle had a gown made for her from her wedding dress (same as did for Matthew's outfit on his Baptism).  Michele and Daniel Sinagra are her Godparents.  They got her the most precious little gold cross.  Brent's parents were in town to witness the event and all around it was very nice.  After the ceremony we all went to Green Valley Ranch & Resort for their buffet, which is excellent!  Thank you very much to Bob, Lourdes, and Mom & Dad.  They foot the bill for everyone!  It was really nice to get to visit with Bob and Lourdes while they were here.  They are pretty funny and good company.  I promised them I would send pictures of the Baptism and by a crazy fluke my photo program didn't import them correct and I think I may have lost the entire batch including all the video I took!  This sucks!  I am trying to recover them and hopefully I can send them soon.  I hope they don't think I forgotten about them. 

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