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The new kitten Patton!      Saturday, October 27, 2007 - 10:44 PM
No one has claimed the kitten we found and he has adopted us.  We decided to name him Patton after the General George S. Patton for his fearlessness.  He is such a brave little guy from leaping through air with out care to dive bombing the other cats this little guy has a lot of brass!  He has been introduced to the others and is getting along with everyone.  He is especially fond of Kepler since they are both so young and they quickly started acting just like littermates.  He keeps trying to get milk from Amos which shows just how young he is and it is ticking Amos off a bit but hopefully we can get him to stop that.  This place has turned into a zoo!  Seriously, it is like wild kingdom here.  I know for sure 4 are too many but how could we have turned him away?  He has made his own place in our home and it will be OK. Follow the link by clicking on the word VIDEO to see Kepler & Patton playing.  

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