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Surgery Cancelled for the 2nd time!      Saturday, October 13, 2007 - 6:04 AM
I cannot believe this!  For the second time now I am being told my surgery is being cancelled!  The first time they cancelled the very morning of the surgery because they had found that the surgery coordinator messed up and scheduled the procedure at a facility that did not have the proper equipment to do it.  Then they rescheduled a full month later at Summerlin Hospital and now I am being called again just two days before the rescheduled date (Monday the 15th) and I am being told the equipment at Summerlin is broken and they have to reschedule indefinitely.  I am so tired of this doctor's office but my insurance limits me to dealing with the one specialist as an audiologist.  I can't wait for this to be over with!  After the surgery is completed I will post the completed communications between the doctors offices and myself so that any poor soul that might research this doctors office before using him might see what trouble they are in store for and think twice or at least be warned.  There are lots of rate the doctor web sites but I have such long logs of all their mistakes, unorganized and incompetent behavior that the rating websites won't fit everything.  So I figure I will post it on my own site and put links to my site on the rating websites.  I have never received such horrible medical care before.  The Internet gives us a tool to now narc out anyone who doesn't do their job.  Isn't it wonderful.  Dr. Ashley Sikand (at Ear, Nose & Throat Consultants of Nevada) seems like a very good doctor by every thing I can find researching him and from our personal meeting but his office/staff make having him as your doctor a nightmare!  He is the only doctor they have qualified to perform the surgery.  I can only imagine how ashamed he must be of his staff but really if that were the case he should do something about it. 

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