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Stray Kitten      Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 10:33 PM
Yesterday we found a kitten literally at our doorstep.  He was cold and hungry.  At first I tried to just leave him be.  We got in our car and went to the grocery store.  He was still there when we got back hanging out by the dumpster and eating what looked like a plastic milk jug ring.  It was so sad.  We went inside to the site of him curling up next to Ash's car trying to get warm.  He was so small and in such need we had help the little guy out.  We took him inside and have scheduled a vet appointment to see if he is healthy and/or has a chip implanted in him that might return him to his owner.  He seems pretty healthy and already so brave compared to the others.  The others are most obviously curious about the little stranger but we are keeping them separate for everyone's safety.  

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