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MRI results!      Tuesday, July 24, 2007 - 10:25 AM

The doctor said my MRI looks fine and he went ahead and schedule my surgical consultation for next Tuesday the 31st at 11:20am.  He said they usually would not do both ears at once.  I told him I only needed the left one worked on and he corrected me saying I had the same problem in both ears.  It was the first time I realized that the right one is defected too.  The right one is better than the left because I have less of a hearing lost in it where as the majority of my hearing is gone in the Left but it is the same problem and I need the surgery in both ears just like Mom did.  I don’t know why I dismissed the idea of the same problem in my right ear.  I guess since it is the only one working at all for me right now I figure it was “working” but it is failing the same as the left has.  So I will get the Left done and go from there.  Mom says you have to be awake during the surgery so that they can fine-tune your hearing and you can help them by responding to their questions.  How scary!  I hate the idea I am going to hear them cutting me open and working inside my head.  She said I won’t feel a thing but like I said to her I might not feel the dentist drilling by I can hear it throughout my head and that is what I don’t like.  Either way cutting my head open is a whole bunch different than drilling the outside of a tooth.  I know it will be o.k.  Mom says it will be – so it will be!  (love ya ma)

YEAH!  No brain tumors for me!

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