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Vacation Weekend in Utah - Day 4 Headed Out      Monday, July 16, 2007 - 4:01 PM

We headed out early, about 7am.  Not as early as we expected but still plenty of time to get back to Vegas in time.  We had some breakfast with Mom and Dad before heading back.  We had a really great weekend being at the cabin especially our time spent with them.

Thanks again Mom and Dad!

The drive back was nice.  I got lots of great pictures on the trip back of the mountain scenery in between Kanab and Vegas.  The pictures can be found in the gallery.  We got back with time to spare.  Ash felt like he looked like a waiter going to his last Oral Boards in a white shirt with black tie so for this one he went out and got a grey shirt and ran it by the cleaners to press it.  He then headed off to his Oral Boards and I said a little prayer for him.  Good Luck Baby!


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