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Vacation Weekend in Utah - Day 3      Sunday, July 15, 2007 - 8:32 PM

We slept in again, of course!  That is the number one priority when Ash and I get a holiday or go on vacation!  After we got up we found out that Mom and Dad decided to stay in Cabin #2 (pictured right).  I can see why.  It was a nice cabin and perfectly sized for 2 or 3 couples.  No one else was coming in and it was plenty of room for us not to mention less to clean before leaving.  I thought it had a great view of the cliffs as well.  In my pictures the view actually looked better from Cabin #2 (pictured top left).

We ate some breakfast and decided that we were going to go with Mom and Dad to survey the property to clearly define their property lines since they have to leave a 30-foot easement when they begin building.  We first needed to get more linens and towels from the Ranch Headquarters before headed to their property.  We got the stuff and took it back to the cabin before heading out.  The truck jumped forward in a strange way when he turned it off and we were unable to get it to restart.  We tried to jump the battery but could not get Ash’s car close enough.  We tried to connect one set of cables to Ash’s car and another set to the truck and then connected them together.  This of course did not work.  But really we were not sure what was actually wrong with the truck.  The possibility of having to have a tow truck come way all the way out to us was looking very real.  Ash took Dad into Kanab to get a new battery hoping that was the problem.  I hung out at the cabin with Mom.  She cleaned the floors seeing as the people before us left them pretty nasty.  I tried to help but she refused it.  I ended up napping for a while.  Napping is so wonderful!  What a way to feel truly privileged.  Some day soon (after having kids) the idea of taking a nap in the middle of the day will be a wonderful distant memory. 

Kona and Stitch got to run around in the woods together while every now and then Mom and I would call them back to the cabin and give them treats.  We were trying to instill in them the want to return when called.  Murphy’s law when Ash and Dad returned the dogs were out and we hadn’t seen them for a little over 10 or 15 minutes.  We called and called and they didn’t come back.  I got worried and everyone split off in different directions to call out and search for them.  The returned very soon but it seems they must have gotten far enough away from the cabin that it just took awhile to return after we first began calling for them! Whew!  I am so glad they returned o.k.

Dad replaced the battery and fixed the truck!  Yeah!  I was so happy this did the trick.  We were going to be leaving the following morning and I didn’t like the idea of leaving them there with a truck that was acting funny.  It was getting to late to go to the property since we had also plan to shoot the guns for a while.  A guy at the ranch headquarters told us it was o.k. to shoot at Mom and Dad’s property instead of going all the way out to BLM land so we did that.  We set up cans and bottles right off the road on the land.  It was nice getting to hang out with Dad and Ash and shoot the guns.  Dad’s FN FiveseveN gun was so cool.  He let me shoot it rapid fire and I felt like Pacino in Scarface for a brief moment.  What a neat gun!  I also shot Ash’s Glock 30 with the 45 ammo but I prefer it with the conversion to the 22.  I seem to do much better aim wise with it that way.  All in all it was a lot of fun.

After we returned it was time to get dinner ready.  Mom had brought up some steaks and sweet corn.  Dad grilled the steaks on the BBQ outside while Mom made the corn and a great salad inside.  Soon we all gathered and ate very well thanks to Mom & Dad.  The steak was delicious!!!  She got a new seasoning they were testing out and it definitely a great find!  Mom had brought up the poker chips so we decided to play a Texas HoldEm’ Tournament after dinner.  It was a lot of fun.  Dad didn’t play but he had a good time napping on the reclining chairs with Kona and Stitch.  We hit the sack fairly early seeing as we were going to leave at the crack of dawn to get back to Vegas in decent time.  Ash has his Police Dept. Oral Boards tomorrow at 3:30pm.  It is only 4 hours to get home but we wanted to make sure nothing made us late for his appointment.  Mom and Dad are staying at the Cabin until Tuesday.



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