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July 4th 2007      Wednesday, July 4, 2007 - 10:14 PM

Ash & I both had 4th of July off at work.  We started of the day very early by going over to Lannie’s house around 6am to help with some yard work.  We arrived to find that Nick had also come by to help out.  I feel Nick did most of the work but I was glad Ash & I could help either way.  We were able to borrow Mom and Dad’s leaf blower to make short work of cleanup after trimming the bushes.  It was so very hot we had to stop by 8am because it would have been silly to continue in such heat.  This whole week has been insanely hot!  No person should live where the temps reach 120 degrees, period!  I guess it is the price we pay for have great weather for at the least 300 days of the year. 

Afterwards we hung out at the house for a bit before heading over to Mom and Dad’s side of town.  We met the whole family at Memphis BBQ and Dad & Mom treated everyone to dinner.  Thank You, you guys rock!  We all ate well and headed over to Mom and Dad’s house.  Soon after we got there Alex and I got to work on cleaning Ash’s car.  Alex was asking everyone for work to do because he wants to make some money.  Ash offered to let him work by washing the car.  It was extremely hot still.  We should have waiting until the sun went down a bit but I figured it wasn’t too bad.  Alex did a good job on the car.  We decided after the wash and before doing the windows we would jump in the pool, which we did.  It felt so nice after working up such a sweat.  We lingered a bit too long in the pool and it begin to get dark quickly.  We got started on the windows but didn’t really get to finish them as everyone begun to set off their fireworks.  The fireworks were a lot of fun.  Michelle and her family had brought some and Dad bought a huge package of them and we all had a good time .  Mom was exhausted from working overtime and getting no sleep the night before and went to bed after we all ate.  We missed her a lot but hopefully I got enough pictures for her to enjoy the event even after the fact.  It was so neat to see Alex being the one lighting all the fireworks.  I remember the day 4th of July was definitely not one of his favorite holidays.  He was so scared of the noise from those things when he was a little guy.  It was cool to see him enjoying it all so much.  Matthew seemed to have a great time watching his big bro and the light show.  After setting off everything they had everyone went to their respective homes.  Thanks again everyone for such a fun evening!

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