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Hwa Yu Won HapKiDo      Sunday, June 3, 2007 - 7:47 PM

Hwa Yu Won’s HapKiDo class is moving along quite well.  Ash & I got our purple belts a couple weeks ago and we are having such a great time learning with dad.  Today I got a picture with our “core group” for the website ash made.  The website is awesome.  Ash has done such a good job, not only with what is seen up front but especially with all the features for students once someone has logged on.  They can track their progress and see the moves they have learned from past belts and the necessary ones for the next belt.  Soon we hope to add photographs to better demonstrate the moves.  That should be fun!  Dad seems to be having fun with the group as well.  I hope to do some advertising and getting him some more students soon even though he has stated he really likes our smaller core group I believe it would add a really neat dynamic to have a larger class or who knows maybe multiple classes some day!


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