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Michelle's Birthday!      Tuesday, April 10, 2007 - 9:36 PM

Happy Birthday Michelle!
Little Emily has been making it difficult for her to eat much but we were all able to get together and go to Carrabba’s Italian Restaurant.  Michelle suggested I get the manicotti as it is fantastic but I ordered the chicken parmesan and was extremely disappointed.  I have spent so many Sundays watching Cararabba on PBS cook such wonderful things and I had really high expectations when finally getting to go to his restaurant.  Next time I will listen to Michelle and get the Manicotti!  She seemed to have a really good time.  This baby girl has been a much more difficult pregnancy when it comes to nausea, kicking & moving around and things of that nature.  Mom says its payback for what she went through carrying Michelle - lol.  After dinner we all stopped by Michelle’s house to see the new baby clothes she bought today.  How fun shopping for a new baby girl!  We all can’t wait to meet little Emily.  She also received some really pretty flowers.  All & all I think she had a good day!  


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