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Mother's Day!      Sunday, May 13, 2007 - 10:04 PM

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

We all did our regular HapKiDo class in the morning, lunch afterwards and then we all went to mom’s house to hang out and spend time together.  We ended up going back to the pub for dinner.  They were having a special for Mother’s Day.  Macadamia nut chicken that was absolutely fantastic and a strawberry desert that left everyone wanting more.  After dinner we all went back to the house to open presents.  Ash & I were able to call and wish Lannie a Happy Mother's Day she was on the other line with Piper so we were not able to talk to long but it was still nice to get to speak with her today.  Mom seemed to really enjoy all her gifts, which I am so happy about.  She is always doing so much for everyone and when it comes to gifts she is the best at coming up with the coolest most original things.  I wanted to be able to make her as happy as she makes all of us, which is not possible but always good to keep trying!


       Happy Mother's

                 Day Michelle!

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