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Father's Day!      Sunday, June 17, 2007 - 9:02 PM

Happy Father's Day Dad!

We spent the majority of the day with Mom and Dad.  I skipped our Hapkido class this morning to let my foot rest and heal but Ash went.  We attended our regular after Hapkido lunch with Mom, Dad, Michelle, Alex, Matthew, Ash and myself.   A little after lunch we stopped by Lannie’s house to wish her a happy 60th birthday and hung around and chatted for a while.  We went back to Mom & Dads to catch up with the rest of the family and headed over to the pub for dinner with the usual crew (listed previously). 

Brent and Lannie both joined us for dinner and everyone seemed to have a good meal and a nice time with each other.  We returned to Mom & Dads to open Father’s Day gifts.  Dad got gift cards to Borders and Home Depot.  Brent received a chain saw and gps system among other things.  I got to speak with Grandpa and wish him a happy father’s day and we got to chat for a couple minutes.  All & all it was a really great day with the fam!

Happy Father's Day


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