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Trip to Utah      Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - 5:58 PM

We had a wonderful time at the cabins, as always.
This time had it's fair share of memorable events!

From late starts to water leaks, to a giant rat living in the walls of our cabin, to bears walking around directly outside, to skies so dark you actually see the milky way (along with what seemed like millions of stars), to an 100 mph trip to the hospital (sorta), to the ER and patient transfer to another cities hospital, to at least one day of real sleeping in relaxing and lounging around with my little man, to sitting around the table conversations and laughing about life's craziness with my parents, to family, to love, to laughter.
I love you guys!  A trip I won't soon forget!

My guys.

Tracks surrounding the cabin.  I should have put something down for scale.  They were bigger than my hand!

John spent a significant amount of time hanging on the steps of Mom and Dad's cabin.  He even managed a back fall off the ones outside.  Landed perfectly.  Daddy was proud.  LOL

Enjoying each others company ...

I can't say it enough times.  This kid is like wearing my heart around on the outside.

Getting chilly!

Lots of bonding time with Dad!

Going for a hike.

Relaxing back at the cabin, reading his book.

The front porch of our cabin.  John was loving the atmosphere up there.

Waking up with smiles and giggles ... it just doesn't get any better than this!

Of course what vaca would be complete without the obligatory trip to the ER,
courtesy of Michelle.  :)  We love you and are glad you are doing better!

Our little rock star!

Good times!

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